3 Tips for Proper Hydration In the Summer Time

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3 Tips for Proper Hydration In the Summer Time

With all the activities that fill our schedules in the summer, it’s easy to see how proper hydration needs to be a priority. The unforgiving heat of the summer months can turn a brisk walk into intensive exercise, and if you’re not adequately hydrated it could even become dangerous. 

While the concept may seem simple, the truth is that it is quite easy to forget to hydrate before an activity. Studies have shown that 75% of Americans might be suffering from chronic dehydration which means that they just aren’t drinking enough water. 

The summer season is always accompanied by the prospect of constant activity. Utilize these hydration tips to make sure your body is fully prepared for the heat:

Eat More Fruit

Assortment of FruitAlong with the countless other health benefits that come with eating more fruit, helping you stay hydrated is one you may not think about as often. In addition to containing fluids, most fruits also have precious electrolytes that work to keep you hydrated. Whether you are preparing for intense exercise or recovering from a workout, electrolytes help fuel your body in a way that water can’t. Potassium is an electrolyte that is especially helpful when it comes to prolonged exercises and can help prevent those devastating cramps we’ve all experienced. It’s important to note that eating fruit is in no way a replacement for drinking water, but can be a fantastic supplement to aid your hydration efforts.

Track Your Weight

Before you take on any strenuous outdoor activity, make sure you record your exact weight. When you have completed your activity, weigh yourself again and compare the results. This is a terrific way to illustrate how much you lose during a workout and paint a very clear picture of how much fluid you need to replace. You need to replace each pound you lose with sixteen ounces of fluid. By fluids, we don’t mean soda or other unhealthy drinks! If you experience a change of more than three percent, there’s a chance that you have experienced significant dehydration and need to replace what you lost immediately.

Sports Drinks and Coconut Water

Similar to fruit, there are helpful things found in sports drinks that you won’t find in water. Electrolytes, proteins and other minerals contained by sports drinks can be very beneficial in prolonging an intensive workout or activity, as well as helping in recovery. Moderation is key with sports drinks, as they aren’t absorbed by your body as efficiently as water. Just as with fruit, however, you need to remember that sports drinks should be used as a supplement, not a replacement. 

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