4 Low-Impact Exercises You Can Do At Home or the Gym

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4 Low-Impact Exercises You Can Do At Home or the Gym


When you’re focusing on your health, it is important to include regular exercise into your daily routine. While many people have difficulty getting to the gym due to their busy work and family schedules, don’t forget that you can work out at home. Start your exercise regime with these four low-impact exercises that you can complete at the gym or at home — whichever is best for you and your schedule!  


Walking is one of the easiest and most beneficial exercises you can complete on a daily basis. Make sure to get at least 30 minutes of walking in each and every day. This exercise will not put excessive stress on your joints, bones or muscles and contributes to improving your overall health.

If applicable to your medical status, you can always use your assistive device to help you walk. Be sure to consult a medical professional or your in-home caregiver if you currently have difficulty walking.

Stairmasters or Staircases

You can really get your heart pumping by hopping on the stair master at your gym, or walk up and down your staircase at home. With a stair master, you can control the speed of which you walk the stairs. But guess what, you can do that at home too! This exercise will work your legs and core!

Tai Chi

Many people enjoy the endless benefits that Tai Chi provides. The fluid, yet powerful, movements truly work all areas of your body and amplify your health. The Tai Chi patterns and movements can be performed inside your home or at your local gym.

Light Weight Lifting

In order to keep your muscles toned and healthy, add light weight lifting to your exercise routine. If you are not experienced in lifting weights, talk to your in-home caregiver or seek out the help of a personal trainer. Your personal trainer will determine what exercises you should participate in and how much weight is ideal for your health needs.

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