Healthy Food and Drinks Perfect for the Summer

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Healthy Food and Drinks Perfect for the Summer

Summer brings with it some usual changes to our shopping lists as we say goodbye to pumpkin pie and potato soup and welcome the lighter and more refreshing areas of the produce section into our homes. While it’s true that fruits and vegetables are crucial to a healthy diet no matter the season, there are certainly some options that pair especially well with the warm summer months. When the Middle Tennessee summer sun is presiding over your outdoor activities, it’s no mystery why you would seek a refreshing way to stay hydrated and replenish lost electrolytes.

Here are some tasty options for when the temperature starts to rise:


Three Sour Cherries

  • Watermelon – At over 90% water, watermelon is a fantastic option that helps keep you hydrated. It also proves a good source of lycopene, which aids in skin protection.
  • Cherries – Containing nutrients that can help burn fat more efficiently, cherries also can help decrease fat storage. Juice from cherries not only aids in achieving better sleep, but it also tastes great!
  • Blueberries – Packed with antioxidants, blueberries boast too many benefits to list. With all the fun outdoor activities you may have planned this summer, you will love how blueberries help prevent fatigue in the muscles. They can also be frozen while retaining their antioxidant properties!


Ear of Corn in the Husk

  • Corn – A tasty addition to any cookout, corn can also provide some important health benefits just in time for the summer. Corn contains two antioxidants that help your eyes better handle the sun’s harsh rays.
  • Zucchini – As versatile as any vegetable out there, zucchini can be enjoyed in many ways. It is a stout source of vitamin C that can be tossed on the grill and served warm or just added to a salad raw. Zucchini is a great way to add a refreshing and light low-calorie vegetable to your summer diet.
  • Tomatoes – Similar to watermelon, tomatoes are a fantastic source of the skin-protecting lycopene. Fresh tomatoes contain so much refreshing juice that they can also be a decent source of hydration in addition to providing essential vitamins and minerals in the summer.


  • Fresh Iced Tea – Fresh, unsweetened tea is loaded with antioxidants and lacks even a single calorie! There are so many options when it comes to making fresh iced tea, so feel free to experiment with different types of fruits until you find a flavor that you love.
  • Iced Coffee – With the blistering heat of the summer sun, sometimes a hot beverage just doesn’t sound appealing. Luckily, you can ice down your morning coffee and still receive the morning jolt you need to get going in the morning. Black caffeinated coffee also has some potentially skin cancer-preventing properties as well!

Working these fruits, vegetables and beverages into your summer diet is just one way to remain hydrated and refreshed when the mercury rises. Always remember that water is the best way to stay hydrated, and should be used in accordance with anything you decide to add to your diet this summer.

So make this summer a healthy one and be sure to contact Complete Home Care Services of Tennessee for any of your home care needs!

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