Prevent Seasonal Illness With 4 Tips from Professional Caregivers

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Prevent Seasonal Illness With 4 Tips from Professional Caregivers

Prevent illness with these tips from Complete Home Care Services of Tennessee

With all the winter weather we’ve been pelted with in Middle Tennessee, we’re all ready for some warmer weather. Unfortunately, the arrival of spring also means the undesired arrival of colds, allergies, and other unwanted sicknesses. Use these tips from Complete Home Care Services of Tennessee to steer clear of being sick this spring!

Wash Those Hands

Take a second to think about all of the doorknobs, countertops, railings, car handles, and other objects you’ve touched today. Now, think about everyone else who touched the same things as you. That’s a lot of germs… gross, right?

Remember to regularly wash your hands throughout the day. Not only will it prevent you from catching a spring illness, but it will also help you and all those around you stay healthy all year long!

Choose Foods With Phytochemicals

While the name sounds skeptical, “phyto” means plants. The natural chemicals in plants will give you the energy boost that you need in order to avoid the common cold and spring illness. Food items such as dark green vegetables and an assortment of fruits are exactly what you should be eating this spring.

Kick Back and Relax

Did you know that studies have proven that interlukins, the part of your immune system that responds to colds and viruses, increase when the body relaxes? The key to relaxing is to find something that makes you happy, not bored. Whether you enjoy reading a book, watching a movie, or going out for a stroll, choose a relaxing activity and prevent a cold!

Follow the Doctor’s Orders

If by chance you do have an illness this spring, whether a common cold or other sickness, always follow the doctor’s orders. Whether your doctor prescribed a type of medicine or other regimen, be sure to stick to it if you want to get healthy fast. Of course, if you have any questions about the medicine, regimen, procedures, etc., ask your doctor right away. If you have any medicinal allergies or pre-existing conditions, certain alterations may be made to accommodate your health needs.

Your Complete Home Care Services of Tennessee caregiver or in-home nurse can answer all of your questions about common illnesses, your medical state, and more. Contact Complete CareChoice today for more information about our various services, including in home care, wellness programs, medical staffing and more.

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